The COVID 19 outbreak came at a time when the country’s solar project execution was at its peak in the last quarter of the financial year.Thus,solar industry,like other industries isn’t insulated from the pandemic’s impact and effect on businesses.Hence the Indian solar sector needs to tackle these issues and achieve the target set by the government.During these tough times,a good marketing strategy is the greatest asset for a solar business.Analysing these situations,it is right to say that ‘Digital Marketing is the need of the hour’.

There are several digital marketing strategies that can be used effectively for leads generation and conversion.Google Ads is an example of an online marketing service that aims to help marketers in promoting their businesses.When someone searches on google using specific keywords,Google will decide what ads to show(according to the keywords,quality score and maximum bid).The ad with the winning bid is displayed at the top on google,google play,youtube etc.

Why Google Ads?

  • Precise Targeting-displays ad only to potential customers and targets leads which are more likely to convert.

  • You only pay for results(actual clicks on your ad)

  • Performance and insights of the ads can be easily tracked.

  • Businesses earn $2 for every $1 spent on Google Ads.

  • The Google network reaches out to 90% of global internet users.

  • 51% shoppers use google for research when planning to make a purchase and 49% use it to find a new item or product.

Simple Strategies for using Google Ads

1)Identifying Your Suitable Buyer

Think about who your typical customer would be and what would be their interests.Basically,put yourselves in the shoes of your customers and think about what would attract them the most.

2)Break out your service

You might break out your service offerings, covering home installations,commercial installations, inverters and batteries,break these offerings into several ads and use separate keywords for those offerings.

3)Highlight what makes you different

To stand out from the highly competitive solar market,you need to list out points of differences and share them to the world.Include your points of difference in your ad messaging.

Stressed about search engine marketing?

Our team is here to support your solar business.We totally get that not everybody is compatible with google ads.Feel free to contact our team to get help to set up and manage your ad campaigns.

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