Owing to the covid 19 pandemic,solar industry has had its share of intermediate challenges,the worst of which includes lack of generation of leads to get prospective customers.It is every salesperson’s dream to be able to connect in a high profile low-effort way to find interested people who value the services.Here is where digital marketing comes in use.Digital Marketing is really useful for solar companies and with applying some strategies,can be used efficiently for the company.

Following are some of the effective ways for solar leads generation:


Google Ads works on pay per click method and reaches out to targeted customers.Google has a vast reach with 2 trillion searches per year which is almost equivalent to 5 billion searches per day.With google ads,companies can have a control over ad campaign where they can start or stop the ad campaign as per their need.Google ads covers both display ads and search ads.There is also increased rates of conversion of leads using Google Ads.Getting quicker results also facilitates businesses of all sizes and works on targeting different audiences.


Facebook is the largest social media platform with more than 2.2 billion active users.According to estimations,over next decade facebook will have over 10 billion active users.It is an effective,targeted advertising platform,specially for solar companies to reach out to potential customers using stats based on demographics,location,lifestyle and interests.Other reasons for using Facebook ads include precise positioning over advertisements,low costs and easily qualified leads.


Email Marketing refers to sending carefully crafted commercial messages to connect with potential customers.Email Marketing is a more formal platform to generate leads and form business relations with prospective customers.The major objectives of email marketing are direct sales,traffic,referral,retention and more profit and growth.


Instagram is a more image focused social media platform than Facebook.Here,companies can create business profiles and interact accordingly with potential customers.Instagram marketing is more about starting the journey and providing valuable information and content about your business.

These were some of the foolproof techniques of digital marketing using which you can get your solar business ahead of others'.In case you are interested in pursuing these but do not know how to start feel free to contact our team.

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