Should I Use The Facebook Boost Post Button to Promote My Financial Advisory Firm?

The boost post option is technically a part of the Facebook advertising system, the only difference being that it can be accessed through actual newsfeed instead of ads manager, making ad creation easier. The boost option requires you to promote a specific post and makes you decide who would you want to be the audience and where would you like them to see it. Boosted posts are the promotion of posts that have already run.

When viewing posts on your business page, you would see a blue ‘boost post’ box on the bottom right of the post. When you click on that box, you would have some options like whether you would want to send people to your website or engagement on the post; you can get to choose targeting options like location targeting, interest targeting, etc. You would also be required to set a budget and fix the time you want the ad campaign to run. Now your promoted post is ready to run.

Why You Should Not Boost Your Posts?

It might sound simple and convenient to promote a post using the boost button, one must realize that convenience comes at a price. Even after several updates, boost post is still limited as compared to manual promotion. Some of the major limitations are:

1) Choosing your objective

Facebook’s boost button chooses your objectives based on assumptions regarding your post(which might be inaccurate). The ads campaign, on the other hand, helps us choose from 11 different objectives. Moreover, the boost post button is most likely to increase engagement on the post(even when you choose website click as the objective)

2) Split Testing

Most of the time, it is essential to test the ad strategy before putting it into practice. For example, you might want to choose between showing ads on your website or to a broad audience, and the best way to decide is to test both. Ads manager provides the facility of testing while boost post doesn’t.

3) Optimizing Ad Budget

In some cases, it might be quite challenging to know how to allocate a budget in an ad campaign. Campaign budget optimization is a feature on Facebook that helps you determine effective ways to distribute your overall spend. As you probably guessed, this feature is available only in the ads manager.

4) Targeting Audience

Targeting the right audience is the most crucial step of Facebook marketing. With boosted posts, your audience targeting options get limited. You can choose from the 3 categories:

  • People who like your page

  • People who like your page and their friends

  • People whom you choose via targeting

People you choose with targeting:

Although this sounds good because you can choose specific interests, the targeting choices they give you are still very limited. For example, with the boost, you can’t choose any behaviors. You can’t use detailed targeting to reach people who are interested in both Interest A and Interest B either. Also, you can’t include or exclude your page fans or Custom Audiences from your targeting.

No matter which targeting option you choose, you will be wasting your money. Whether it’s 10% or 30% of your budget, it can add up to thousands of advertising dollars thrown away.

Combined, these things will result in you saving advertising dollars and a better return on your advertising campaigns.

In the end, your goal should not be just to get more engagement, but to get people to take an action — visit your website, sign up for an event, set up an appointment with you, or simply take a consultation session with you — and you should do everything you can to achieve those results in the most effective way.

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