Given that it is readily available and a renewable source of energy,solar power is no doubt the future of our planet. In Spite of being one of the most effective and beneficial sources of energy,not many people are aware of this.

There could be many reasons for this,but the major reason is the marketing strategies adopted by solar companies.Presently we have two major types of marketing tactics adopted by industries.Given below is an insight about these marketing methods.

Traditional Marketing-relies on offline strategies including print advertisements in newspapers and magazines,direct mailers etc

Digital Marketing-advertising through digital channels such as websites,social media and mobile apps

Due to the outbreak of COVID 19 in early 2020,several solar companies suffered huge amounts of loss. As people stopped getting newspapers and magazines,the solar companies were deprived from marketing facilities. Thus solar companies must realise that digital marketing is a better alternative to print advertisements.


1) Low Cost

Marketing costs is one of the biggest financial hurdles faced by solar companies. The high costs of media buying(television ads),rentals,production,manpower,monitoring(print media) tend to burn a hole in the pockets of most solar companies .Digital marketing offers a cost effective way of advertising and creates as much impact on the audience.

2) Easy To Measure

The success of an online advertisement can be easily evaluated,experts can calculate the number of visitors to their website and number of people interested.On the other hand flyers,billboards or newspapers can not tell the success of the ad or the exact number of people who read the ad.

3)Precise Targeting

Traditional Marketing works on spray and pray method wherein an ad runs over a platform in the hope that few people who are interested in solar powered products may reach out to the solar companies and make a positive outcome.

Digital Marketing has a smart algorithm which studies user preferences and shows specific ads to users of specific preferences.Thus digital marketing reaches out to a targeted audience.

4)Improved Conversion Rates

Digital marketing has a higher conversion rate(as it targets interested audience).Suppose a solar power generating company is able to convert 10 out of 100 leads,considering the high ticket service solar energy is,this would mean a huge profit for the companThe conversion rates drop in traditional marketing,and therefore lead to low profit margin.

5)Know All About Your Competitors

As goes the famous saying,”keep your friends close and your enemies closer”,digital marketing helps solar power companies know the methods being adopted by their competitors and thus help the company to outwin their competitors and therefore,excel in the

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