The pandemic has severely affected the Solar Industry.Due to the lockdown,people stopped going out,buying newspapers and magazines.Thus billboards,pamphlets and all types of traditional marketing proved inefficient for solar marketing.In these times the only tool to help your solar company get back to track or get even better is a good marketing strategy.

Following are some of the effective marketing tips-

1)Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO means improving your website so that it shows more often in the search engine.SEO is the base of any internet marketing strategy.Prospective customers regularly search for companies that meet their requirements,using specific keywords.Being a solar business,you just need to make sure that these leads find your website.To make this happen,you need to code your website efficiently and solve all the queries of the customers.This can be done by including a FAQ space in your website.

2)Content Marketing

Content Marketing refers to adding any sort of visual or text elements to your site so that the information regarding your business can be easily conveyed to the other end.Content Marketing usually refers to blogs,which can be easily updated with respect to the present scenario.You can also include videos that display your facilities or photos of your products.For marketing purposes,a video of your clients appreciating your products or your services is highly recommendable.

3)Social Media Marketing

The practice of educating your users about your work and promoting your business on platforms such as Linkedin,Instagram,Facebook is referred to as Social Media Marketing.As most people relax or spend their free time on social media,the need for social media marketing increases.Depending on the users’ demographics,previous searches and likes or dislikes,platforms such as Instagram and Facebook recommend the business profile to them.Social Media is a great way to connect to people with similar interests and interact with them.It’s a powerful relationship builder for your company.

4)Reputation Improvement

Reputation Improvement refers to improving the company’s public image in search engines.This marketing strategy works exceptionally well for solar energy providers.The best way for Reputation Improvement is Search Saturation.This refers to locating the most searched terms regarding your business and then publishing content related to those search terms.The main goal is to get maximum information out there and let search engines know that you are a reliable,knowledgeable and tech-savvy business.

5)Conversion Rate Optimization

This process refers to increasing the rate of turning viewers into customers or leads into users.It helps you build a better user experience and portrays your business as a customer-friendly one.The more conversions you get,the more leads you have,which in turn amounts to more revenue,future growth and a bigger company.


At Illumine Media,we have employees with excellent marketing skills who can help you promote your solar business online and help you beat your competitors.Feel free to contact us for solar digital marketing services.

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